The taming of the North

An ill wind
Alex Osten's journal

26th day of Apis.
Today should have been a great day for our colony. After months of cold, sickness, misery and uncertainly Captain Swan and the ships carrying the second wave of colonists finally arrived. They came into sight, passing Neb’s rock about an hour after midday. Five ships carrying around 400 civilians, along with animals, seed crops, tools, supplies, everything we should need to be able to turn this from a holding expedition to a fully viable colony.
The moment was marred almost immediately. One of the vessels, a merchantil named the ‘The virgin of Credia’ veered towards Neb’s rock and ran aground. Of a crew of 50, along with 90 passengers, there were only 23 survivors. The others drowned. Whilst the ship did not break up completely most of the crew and passengers threw themselves into the sea, lured by the siren call of the mermaids who plague this coast. Most of them were dashed against the rocks, whilst others were pulled under by the mermaids themselves.
Something needs to be done about those monsters, for until we are rid of them, they are sure to continue to plague us. The survivors were those who resisted the siren call and clung to the beleaguered wreck until the mermaids had become bored of the slaughter.
Thus the new hope which the arrival of these colonists from Timiro should have brought was marred in the blood of innocents. Perhaps it should have been expected, with our new beginning coming in the month of Apis. Within our first year nearly 2/3 of our exploration force perished and they were hardened warriors. What will the coming year bring for the women and children who are amongst our new arrivals hoping for a new life?

First year summary
The struggle for survival

Sir Alex’s journal entry

The initial preparation of the New Providence colony has not gone to plan. Immediately after our arrival, a dragon appeared and demanded all our gold. He left our silver, but this has left us very short of money for supplies. Despite this the the start was quite promising. Our scouts managed to explore ‘the thumb’ and discovered an old ruined temple, which we were able to fix up enough as to make it habitable. They then made peaceful contact with the local goblin tribe. Our first contact with the Coyles was less friendly and has resulted in several deaths.
There seem to also be some werewolves in the area and two of our colony have been infected with the werewolf’s curse.
Further exploration has led to the discovery of an ancient evil temple and the defeat of a scarecrow and his goblin followers. Whilst he is very unpopular, Oddo has proved invaluable to the colony.
Frustration of a different sort has caused trouble for our colony. with over a hundred men and only two women, both of whom are trained killers, it is not surprising that men might turn to other men for company, but the gang rape of Chakalova has shocked many people. His elven beauty has made him the target of an unknown group within the colony. Arnolfini, on a supply run to Southwatch to sell our warhorses in exchange for magical weapons decided to hire some prostitutes, in the hope of preventing a repetition of this appalling act.
To the West is a kobold city, which has been taken over by some form of undead monster. Between here and there is a kobold fort, which had been taken over by a Wolfen renegade. The Wolfen military came in force to drive the renegades out and by allying ourselves with them, we have made our position here a bit more viable.
In an assault on the fort Sir Johan has made himself more popular with the more aggressive soldiers under our command. The spoils which his troops plundered has also caused a schism, as the troops who fought the siege have money now, whilst the others have nothing. Our wizard, managed to kill himself by teleporting into the mountain, which has caused several problems for us. Fortunately the wolfen gold has allowed us to buy enough supplies to get through the winter.
Around the time of the Wolfen campaign lord Futaba disappeared and nobody has any idea where he went.
The winters here are far wetter, colder and harsher than we are used to. A lot of our soldiers have died from disease and other illnesses, as have Vince Kucharski and my good friend Kim Beichik, who died whilst Oddo was searching for some sort of magical cure. If only the Wolfen had allowed us to occupy that fort, they would still be alive.
I’m not sure if this colony really has a future. Most of the land here is claimed by tribes of Goblins or Coyles and we are too few to oppose them.

Alex Osten, knight of Timiro

Bloodaxe's tale part 3
How Gorek got a girlfriend

Hey, Rorik, Arnulf! You boys met my woman, yet? Her name’s Tillu, ain’t she lovely?
Wait, you don’t know where the goblins came from? Bloody hell mate, where you been? Alright, fine, I’d better start from the beginning then. Well, as it turns out that Wolven army isn’t here for us, so there was a whole bunch of us all armed up and ready for a fight that wasn’t gonna happen. Yeah, Sir Suluk and his fifty men went up north to keep an eye on ‘em, but the rest of us were bored, right lads? So us scouts decided to do some scouting! Griff, Neb, Oddo, Jeff and myself thought we’d check out that haunted temple the kobold prisoner told us about. Neb’s pussycat found a coyle patrol on the way there which we were able to avoid, and after two days’ pleasant stroll, there we were. Not much left of the place, the walls didn’t even reach knee height in most places. Only stuff of interest was the old altar, which had a sword stuck in it, and the nearby pool, which Griff told us was magical. The water puts you to sleep. Oh, speaking of which both Griff and me have waterskins full of the stuff if anyone fancies some. Just make me an offer! No? No one, really? Oh well, your loss.Oh yeah, the pool was also haunted. Lucky for us though, it was some long-dead paladin who’d been sacrificedby the local clerics. His sword in the altar, by the way. Unlike most ghosts I’ve dealt with he didn’t want to kill us, in fact he wanted our help- his bones were in the pool and he wanted them buried. No problem, Griff cast a spell and lifted them out. That pissed the pucks that’d been watching us, though. They were shapeshifted into boars so we hadn’t realised what they were. No big deal though, I mean pucks ain’t exactly tough, are they? Once they was all dead, we set up a nice big fire and cremated his bones. As a reward he gave us his sword, which had a holy enchantment on it. Neb claimed it ‘cause he was the first of us who could touch the damn thing, but Jeff’s been using it since because he can actually swing it properly, unlike the Pint Size Pussycat Paladin. The cremation took most of the day, so we ended up spending the night camped out in the ruins. There I was, having a lovely dream about this big titted Orcish lass I used to know, when I was woken up to the sounds of fighting! It was a little way away through some trees, so we sneaked over there to see what was what. Goblins, led by that crazy magical scarecrow thing we’d heard of, fighting a mixed group of Elves and Wolven. It was all over by the time we got there, the last Elf and Wolven just finished off the last goblin as we arrived. Griff approached them and had a chat, and they ended up hiring us! Turns out they’d been sent from the main Wolven force looking for some old Wolven religious book in an old temple in the region. We were happy to help, and why not? Plenty more loot for us, and we figured if this book was important to the Wolven it’d be a good bargaining chip if it was in our hands. We burned their dead- bloody Wolven wouldn’t let us loot ‘em first, the arse. Oh well. Anyway, once they were all ashes, we rested for the rest of the night and set off in the morning, heading south. About midmorning, we ran across a Goblin warband. At least thirty of the buggers, all well armed and feeling pretty fuckin’ pissy at us. Oh, we were quaking in our boots- not! They didn’t stand a chance. Oddo prayed really hard, and the Gods graced us with a massive bloody gargoyle! Those damn goblins must have shat themselves when that thing appeared! And if that wasn’t bad enough, he also put a hex on Neb to make him fly. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Neb had turned into a tiger back when we heard the fight. So we had a gargoyle and a flying tiger swooping down on these poor goblins, ripping them to shreds, plus us plinking the survivors with arrows! It was a slaughter!
Yikes, all this talking’s making my throat hurt. Get some ale for me and Tillu, will you? Cheers, mate. Now, where was I? Oh yeah, we headed a bit further south until we came to a big hill. Lin, the elf, said the temple was hidden underneath it, so we started looking round for the entrance, which Griff eventually found. He claims he used magic to find it, but I swear he just tripped over a root and fell into some bushes and there it was. Eh, either way, really. We found it and that was all that mattered. The tunnel was small at first and we had to crawl, but it soon opened up a bit. Sundance found a pit trap a little way down the tunnel, but we easily got past it by sticking a plank over it. The moment Griff and me were across though, we were ambushed! Goblins again. One of ‘em tried barging me over the edge into the pit, but it was like running into a wall. I didn’t move an inch. Lin cast a spell to put them to sleep, but a fair few of them resisted it. Typical magic that- unreliable. They dragged their snoozing mates out of the cloud and legged it. While that was going on, the ones right by us had no choice but to fight. Griff and Sundance were okay, they held the goblins off and didn’t get pushed back. I, on the other hand, kicked arse. I gutted one goblin, hooked the next with my axe and threw him into the pit, then I buried my axes in the last one’s neck! That fight did not last long. After that we carried on, and eventually came to a T junction, with doors on either way. one was locked, so Sundance poked the key out and fished it out under the door. Now they were locked in, instead of us being locked out! With that way contained, we went down the left passageway. First, we found a room full of magical stuff, which we just steered clear of. No sense in messing with that lot if we don’t need to. After that, there was a bigger room with statues of Anubis, Anhur and Bes, with a nice big magical pool of blood in front of them. I know, creepy, right? And after that, there was another room with some summoning circles an altar with a gold statuette of one of the gods on it. That was it for that part of the temple, so we went back and had a look what was behind the locked door. We came into a big room with three doors in the opposite room. Nothing happened at first, then a raven cawed. That must have been the signal to attack, because all three doors opened and eight goblins poured out. Another sleep spell put six of them out, but the other two were still standing and fighting. They were the least of our worries though- the damn raven was actually a transformed dire harpy! I hacked into it a couple of times, blood and feathers flying, and that put the fear of the gods into it. The cowardly bitch turned back into a bird and tried to fly away! Sundance threw a knife, she missed. I threw one of my axes, missed. Lin tossed a fireball at it, no luck. Griff shot at it, just clipping the bitch. Then I took out one of my daggers, I aimed, let out half a breath, and threw! That little knife hit it right between the wings, and it dropped dead. The goblins started waking up soon after that. Two ran off, but the rest surrendered and pledged themselves to me. We headed on and found the goblin priests’ chamber. A little poking around found us a secret passageway in the far wall. We followed it and ended up in the main temple area. Just as we came into the room, one of the Goblin priests came through the main door. We caught him by surprise and hacked him down. It was the other two that was the real problem. One of them had raised a couple of their dead friends, plus the priest we just killed, and was sending them after us. Lin was paralysed by one of them and Griff was nearly killed by an axe to the head, wielded by a sneaky bastard who’d been following us! I cut down one of the priests and shoved past the zombies to get to their master. The coward had vanished, though! I had no idea where he was until his knife caught me in the guts! Well, until he tried to knife me in the guts, anyway. My armour caught the blow, I was fine. And even better, now I knew where he was. I swung at him, but he must have ducked or something because my blade bit nothing but air, then I felt a nasty whack on my elbow. The nerve flared and the axe went sailing out of my hand! I drew one of my swords and kept fighting though, and next time I swung at him I did some serious damage. At least I think I did, hard to tell really. But it certainly felt like a good solid blow. Sundance caught up with me and joined in, and we hit him a couple more times, then he ran. Didn’t get far though, the blood trail made him easy to follow and we cut him down like a dog. A quick search of the other rooms found us a few more goblins, including my lovely Tillu. We were all tired after that, our wounded needed healing and the mages needed to recharge, so we locked the goblins in a room and settled down to rest. The next day, we looked for the secret passage to the real temple. We found it after a few hours, hidden away behind the altar with the statue on it. We didn’t get far down it before a black cloud appeared and we got terrified. I fear no man or beast, but that cloud was unnatural- it was magic, messing with our minds! Griff and Oddo were unaffected but the rest of us fled back into the main room. Well, most of us did, anyway. The Wolven went the wrong way, further into the passageway. He… didn’t come out again. Oddo and Griff retreated back to the rest of us and we waited for the magic to wear off. It was bogeys, apparently. We tried getting past them for a while, but only Griff and Jeff were able to stay in that damn acidic fear cloud. Eventually even they were pushed back so we healed up and waited. Finally the cloud faded away and we moved in. The bogeys had buggered off, so we went down that passageway to try and find them- didn’t want to leave them alive to block our exit. The room we came into had no sign of any fairies, but it did have three gergoyle statues in it. Heh, correction- two statues and one actual gergoyle, as Griff found out when he got a bit too close. He backed off sharpish, and me and Jeff closed in. That demon was a bloody tough foe, and I’m sure if Oddo hadn’t given me the armour of Ithian I’d have got a few nasty wounds from it, but the Gods were smiling on me- instead I didn’t get so much as a scratch. The same can’t be said for the gergoyle, of course- Jeff and me hacked away at it, him with his holy sword and me with my two magic axes. It blocked most of Jeff’s attacks, but that left it open for me, and my axes drank deep! Three or four good blows and the demon was horribly wounded, close to death. Finally Jeff finished the thing off, driving his sword through the foul creature’s chest and cleaving its heart in two! Of course, without my axes he’d never have got the chance.
Goblins? Bogeys? Even a thrice-cursed demon? Obviously there had to be some damn good loot in this place, so we headed on. Not long after killing the gergoyle, we came across this huge door- easily twenty feet square! It was locked, but Lin got us through. We went through a second, then a third, both just as big as the third. It’s a shame this place is so far away, I think we could scavenge quite a few decent building materials from it otherwise. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, this last door opened up into a big long hall with another door at the end, lined with statues. They were big, they were holding big, bloodstained weapons, and there were pools of blood in front of them. Not a good sign, hey? Sundance couldn’t find any traps, the mages said it wasn’t magical, but still- you see something like that and it makes you pause. Have to be simple not to, right? Well, Griff ain’t called the Mad Wizard for nothing, he just strolled along out there like it was nothing. Turns out ‘nothing’ was right, but still- either he’s crazy or he’s got the biggest balls ever. Sundance got us through the door at the end, and we were in a sort of cross shaped room with a bunch of sarcophagi in it. One was sealed with wax, one was open with a burnt body in it. Obviously we left the wax one alone, but we figured the others were fair game. There were mummies inside, but we made short work of them. Well, except for the third one. Apparently there’s a chance a mummy can keep its knowledge from when it died, and this bastard was a powerful priest. We fought bravely until it turned the floor into lava. The others ran then, but I stayed and fought- me and Lin had to cover everyone else’s retreat, and besides- I fear no man, living or dead! Why would I flee? We fought for a while, then it stopped and started talking. I didn’t understand but Lin did, so I went and rejoined the others while Lin had a chat with the mummy. It must not have liked what he had to say, because it buggered off pretty soon after that, leaving him charred to a crisp. Oh well, I got his dagger and mail shirt. Traded the dagger with Jeff and Neb for this axe. We needed to rest and regroup after that, and with a few of us dead we figured the goblins may as well come along. Those fucking bogeys messed with us again on the way, but Oddo prayed and the gods sent something to crush the little bastards. We went back through the crypt, through a door the mummy had left open and into the biggest room I’ve ever seen! There were skeletons everywhere! A row of giant magical statues in the middle of the room! And the skeleton of a giant, sitting on a huge throne! When he saw how strong the magic on that thing was, the blood drained from Griff’s face. We… didn’t go in there. There was nothing more that way, so we went back and explored the rest of the passages, hoping to find Grizzlebok, or the goblins that got lost. We were going down a corridor when one of the goblins in the back cried out. Then he was gone. There was something in the darkness, picking us off! We rushed over to try and kill it, but then another one jumped on Griff! Giant spiders! We killed the damn bugs, but Griff was feeling pretty ill for the next few hours. The missing goblins turned up not long after that, or at least what was left of them- poor bastards had fallen down a pit trap. There was an iron door not far after it, so we went through. The passage behind it was warded, but against what the Gods only knew. We didn’t set anything off, though. We followed that passage for what seemed like an age, dressed stone giving way at some point to rough-hewn rock. We were in a stinking cavern, far below the surface. Everything was still and quiet, then Bam! A horrific monster charged at us out of the darkness! Easily thirty feet long, it had a body like a cross between a dragon and a snake, with claws as long as my arm and the face of a man! The goblins fired arrows, I threw my axe! We charged, trading blows with the foul beast for hours! I soaked myself with its blood, my axes cleaving off huge chunks of flesh! Finally, when it was weak and bleeding, near dead, one of my goblins- Meltar- shot an arrow straight though its evil eye. It went in right up to the feathers, and the creature screamed like a pig with a broken back! Then it collapsed, dead. He earned a mail shirt with that shot. The creature had a bit of a hoard- mostly nothing special, but there were two silver daggers, so at least we’ve got more stuff to fight those werewolves with, right?
On our way back, we found that old troll by the beach. Yeah, her name’s Mogla or something like that, she’s a bit dappy- okay, she’s completely insane, actually- but she’s harmless enough. She even promised not to eat anyone! Apparently she thinks she’s a dragon, can you believe that? What a nutter!

Bloodeaxe's tale 2
Why you shouldn't eat werewolves

Look, I don’t want to talk about those bloody kobolds, okay? Lets just say I lost something dear to me and leave it at that. Now just shut up and leave me alone!
Oh. Oh, you want to know about what happened with the goblins? Oh, that’s alright then, grab a seat. You all know what happened with the werewolf, so- Wait, you two were on the ship, weren’t you? Right, better explain that too then. The kobolds what had been living here before us caught the goblin we’d been using as a local guide and of course, they ate him. Turns out he was a werewolf, and when they munched down on him he passed the curse on to them. His body came back a few nights ago as a wolf. Molly and me had to fight it off, her magic axe and the silver dagger we was gonna give Chief Worm were the only weapons we had that could hurt it. It was a bugger of a fight that, and even the slightest scratch meant you’re cursed! I got a couple of scrapes on my armour, but nothing that pierced the skin. Molly wasn’t so lucky. It bit her, only a tiny little nip but it was enough. Gods, I hope she’s not infected. I guess we’ll find out when the ship gets back. Anyway, we eventually killed it, but there’s more out there- nine kobold werewolves. And that’s why everyone’s melting their pennies down into blades or arrowheads. After that, friendly contact with the goblins was more important than ever- they had to know about the weres, or their whole tribe could have got turned before they knew what was going on. Then we’d be buggered. So we set off for Goblin Knob. We saw a couple of nasty creatures along the way- a devil digger lair and a mountain lion- but they steered clear of us. Heh, I bet Neb’s pissed off he weren’t with us when we saw that pussy cat.
Anyway, yeah. We crossed over the hills and then we was in Worm Clan land. Didn’t take ‘em long to send some warriors out to meet us. They took us back to the Knob, the others had to disarm then we went in and had a feast with Chief Worm and his shaman. Oh, and you folks who didn’t like an orc coming along with ya? If it weren’t for me being with ‘em, the whole party probably would have been killed before we even got the chance to say well met. As it was, Griff and Oddo wowed ’em with their party tricks, we ate, we drank plenty of beer and wine and Griff and me talked to Worm. The dagger went down well, specially with the warning about the werewolves. That went a long way to convincing him we were friendly. We soon worked out an agreement, and as long as we stay south of the hills and they stay north, we’ll get along just fine. Oh, and when we finally get round to taking out those coyles, the gobs’ll help us with it. You can expect to see goblin envoys here to talk things out more pretty soon. So yeah, we did good, eh? Good enough for another mug of ale, right lads?

Bloodaxe's tale 1
The colony begins

Oh, you want to hear what happened, eh? Buy me a drink and take a seat, then.
Once we landed we set off through the woods, heading towards the hills. For a while, everything was fine, we didn’t see anything interesting at all. Then we heard voices. Wolven voices. Neb went forwards to investigate, the little bugger’s damn sneaky when he wants to be. Turns out it was a small group with bows, probably just a hunting party. We had no reason to fight them and we needed to save our strength for when we reached the tower, so we decided to leave ‘em alone. Yes, I know they’re monsters, but if we killed ‘em then, there’s no chance you can enslave ‘em later, right? Okay. Now, if you’re finished interrupting, can I continue, boss?

Right, where was I? Oh yeah, after the woods we reached some hills. They weren’t massive, but the trees thinned out a fair bit. We were able to see a bit of the terrain from the hilltops. Over to the southeast there was a bunch of standing stones, and pretty close to us was a mound, looked like an old barrow. It wasn’t much of a detour, so we thought we’d check it out. Turns out there was fairies there, I couldn’t understand a word they were saying, but apparently they wanted us to play with ‘em and go see their king. Bugger that, we thought, and we was out of there sharpish! Not before Neb got his money pouch nicked though. Anyway, yeah. Might be worth staying away from there if you’re up in the hills. We kept going, heading towards the tower. We, uh, saw a dragon flying around in the evening. It didn’t see us, but I noticed it was heading towards the ship. Sorry, there was no way we could have got back here quick enough to warn you, so we just pressed on.

It was pretty dark we were thinking of stopping for the night and making camp, when we were attacked by a savage beast! A devil digger, biggest one you’ve ever seen, and mean too! It came at us snarling, spittle dripping from its stinking jaws! Neb got a couple of bolts off at it, then it was on us! Sundance and me, we fought like heroes! It bit and clawed at us, we were stabbing it and swingin’ our weapons at it, it was carnage! Gods, last time I saw a beast fight like that was when Ashrak Eagleclaw fought a damn rhino back when I was just a lad! Aye, we were bloodied but eventually we stood victorious- the evil beast was slain! We ate well that night, licked our wounds and continued on.

Oddo found us in the morning, and after some restoring prayers, we went on our way. What? No! Aye, magic is bloody unnatural, and no I will not accept magical healing. I don’t want a mage going anywhere near me! Oddo‘s a priest, ain’t he? What he does isn’t spells, it’s prayer. He asks the gods and they bless us with their favour. Nothing unnatural about that. Prayer ain’t spells, now shut up and let me talk! Now then, we left the hills behind and soon we was at the beach with the tower. Turns out it was Elven, built back in the Big War. We had to wait a few hours for the tide to come out, then finally we could get to it! The door was locked tight, but I ripped it clean out of its frame, tossing it aside like a leaf! The moment we went inside we were hit by a stench fouler than a demon’s arse, it took all our strength not to throw up! We had a job to do though, so we carried on. There was bones all over the place, animal, wolven and goblin. Whoever lived there, they ate well. We set off up the stairs, me going first, then Sundance, then Oddo and Neb. Didn’t take long for the harpies to notice us, they started screaming and screeching, kickin’ up a real fuss! Unfortunately, that distracted us. We didn’t notice the one creeping up behind us until it was too late. It grabbed Neb, ran off with him before we had a chance to do anything. We chased after, but couldn’t get it in time. It took off, trying to take him up to its nest. Neb had dropped his knife, but he stabbed the birdy bitch with one of his crossbow bolts! It dropped him, and he fell right in the damn mud! It was like, ker-splat! Bye bye gnome, hello mud creature! Oddo invoked the gods and scared it off, leaving us with one more harpy to fight. It dived at us, going for Sundance. She jumped out of the way and I swung me axes, opening the bitch from gizzard to guts in one blow! We had a look through the tower, found a few old weapons and a couple of trinkets, then we headed back to shore. Neb washed himself off and we set up camp, planning to head back in the morning.

That night, the surviving harpy attacked us. She went after Neb again, I think she must have had a crush on the poor bastard! This time didn’t go so well for her, Sundance got her with her grappling hook and I finished her off. After that it was a lovely night’s sleep.

We set off after breakfast in good spirits- we’d done what we’d set out to do, had a hearty meal and the sun was shining, life was good! It was a beautiful day, everything seemed so peaceful. And then the arrows came. We’d been ambushed! Kobold archers were firing at us from all directions, I was pincushioned before I even knew what was going on! I threw my new francisca at ‘em and we got behind cover. My axe and Neb’s crossbow were our only ranged weapons, so we had to improvise. I threw one of the other axes I’d got from the tower and Sundance chucked her knives, while Oddo prayed for our lives. I’m glad he did, probably would have died if the gods weren’t watching over us. We traded shots for a little bit Neb took one of them down, then the Kobolds got bored and charged us. Stupid mistake. There was one against Neb and his new pet and two facing me and Sundance. They were good, but we were better. They hid behind those big shields of theirs, stabbing at us every now and then while me and Sundance hooked them open and chopped ‘em up. We traded blows and both of us got some nasty cuts, then one fell. The other one tried running, but he was too slow. Swing my axes so fast they were just a blow, i disarmed him and forced him to yield. Sundance tied him up and I went over to help Neb. The little guy doesn’t look like much of a fighter, but he was really holding his own. Both him and Kitty had taken a few hits, but he was still standing at least, and this one had some serious skills. He was fast, he was fearless, he was tough. Definitely their leader. Every blow, he blocked or parried. Every opening, he struck at. I was already badly hurt from the last fight, and he got in a lucky shot, finishing me off. I fell, everything fading to black. Well, what can I say? I was a god in the arena back in my prime, but time and hard knocks wear down even the greatest champions, no? I’m not what i once was, sad to say. I woke up after the fight, Oddo fighting with the gods for my soul. ‘Not yet!’ he cried ‘This brave, strong orc is not yet finished on this world, you’ll have to wait!’ He must have been convincing, that or the gods just didn’t want to see my ugly face messing up the afterlife just yet, because with lots of prayer I was feeling almost as good as new. My bad shoulder’s a little creakier now, but at least I’m still alive, right? Okay, okay. I’ll tell you what happened next after some food, alright?

A new beginning
campaign prologue

For two months now we have been at sea. Thanks to the magical power of the heroes who have accompanied us we were kept safe from harm. The brief stop at Y’Oda was a welcome respite. We have arrived now at the spit of land which is central to the territory which our charter has granted us for establishing our colony. Captain Swan calls it the finger, but there are several amongst us who have taken to calling it the thumb. From sea it looks like neither, but on Swan’s charts it does somewhat resemble a thumb.
To the west is a sweeping bay, which offers some shelter from the prevailing winds and would be a good mooring spot, but it is very open and visible to passing shipping. As this area is claimed by the Wolfen Empire we do not want to attract too much attention to ourselves until we have a strong foothold on this land. To the east is a wide, shallow river estury. It is sheltered from the elements and we can also stay hidden from passing ships. The land on the east of the finger looks like salt marsh. Flat and open, providing good visibility but probably not well suited to a settlement.
The adventurers have left us already. They said that they would return within the month and then they opened up a magical portal through which they vanished. The security of this expedition now lies in our own hands. The first thing to do is to send out scouts to explore this peninsula, to determine what threats it might bear and to find the best place for us to establish our settlement. On the trip over we have had plenty of time to discuss what we should call our colony. The name New Providence is regarded as the best. Hopefully providence will favour us.

Alex Osten Apepi 2nd 1785.


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