The taming of the North

A new beginning

campaign prologue

For two months now we have been at sea. Thanks to the magical power of the heroes who have accompanied us we were kept safe from harm. The brief stop at Y’Oda was a welcome respite. We have arrived now at the spit of land which is central to the territory which our charter has granted us for establishing our colony. Captain Swan calls it the finger, but there are several amongst us who have taken to calling it the thumb. From sea it looks like neither, but on Swan’s charts it does somewhat resemble a thumb.
To the west is a sweeping bay, which offers some shelter from the prevailing winds and would be a good mooring spot, but it is very open and visible to passing shipping. As this area is claimed by the Wolfen Empire we do not want to attract too much attention to ourselves until we have a strong foothold on this land. To the east is a wide, shallow river estury. It is sheltered from the elements and we can also stay hidden from passing ships. The land on the east of the finger looks like salt marsh. Flat and open, providing good visibility but probably not well suited to a settlement.
The adventurers have left us already. They said that they would return within the month and then they opened up a magical portal through which they vanished. The security of this expedition now lies in our own hands. The first thing to do is to send out scouts to explore this peninsula, to determine what threats it might bear and to find the best place for us to establish our settlement. On the trip over we have had plenty of time to discuss what we should call our colony. The name New Providence is regarded as the best. Hopefully providence will favour us.

Alex Osten Apepi 2nd 1785.



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