The taming of the North

An ill wind

Alex Osten's journal

26th day of Apis.
Today should have been a great day for our colony. After months of cold, sickness, misery and uncertainly Captain Swan and the ships carrying the second wave of colonists finally arrived. They came into sight, passing Neb’s rock about an hour after midday. Five ships carrying around 400 civilians, along with animals, seed crops, tools, supplies, everything we should need to be able to turn this from a holding expedition to a fully viable colony.
The moment was marred almost immediately. One of the vessels, a merchantil named the ‘The virgin of Credia’ veered towards Neb’s rock and ran aground. Of a crew of 50, along with 90 passengers, there were only 23 survivors. The others drowned. Whilst the ship did not break up completely most of the crew and passengers threw themselves into the sea, lured by the siren call of the mermaids who plague this coast. Most of them were dashed against the rocks, whilst others were pulled under by the mermaids themselves.
Something needs to be done about those monsters, for until we are rid of them, they are sure to continue to plague us. The survivors were those who resisted the siren call and clung to the beleaguered wreck until the mermaids had become bored of the slaughter.
Thus the new hope which the arrival of these colonists from Timiro should have brought was marred in the blood of innocents. Perhaps it should have been expected, with our new beginning coming in the month of Apis. Within our first year nearly 2/3 of our exploration force perished and they were hardened warriors. What will the coming year bring for the women and children who are amongst our new arrivals hoping for a new life?



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