The taming of the North

Bloodeaxe's tale 2

Why you shouldn't eat werewolves

Look, I don’t want to talk about those bloody kobolds, okay? Lets just say I lost something dear to me and leave it at that. Now just shut up and leave me alone!
Oh. Oh, you want to know about what happened with the goblins? Oh, that’s alright then, grab a seat. You all know what happened with the werewolf, so- Wait, you two were on the ship, weren’t you? Right, better explain that too then. The kobolds what had been living here before us caught the goblin we’d been using as a local guide and of course, they ate him. Turns out he was a werewolf, and when they munched down on him he passed the curse on to them. His body came back a few nights ago as a wolf. Molly and me had to fight it off, her magic axe and the silver dagger we was gonna give Chief Worm were the only weapons we had that could hurt it. It was a bugger of a fight that, and even the slightest scratch meant you’re cursed! I got a couple of scrapes on my armour, but nothing that pierced the skin. Molly wasn’t so lucky. It bit her, only a tiny little nip but it was enough. Gods, I hope she’s not infected. I guess we’ll find out when the ship gets back. Anyway, we eventually killed it, but there’s more out there- nine kobold werewolves. And that’s why everyone’s melting their pennies down into blades or arrowheads. After that, friendly contact with the goblins was more important than ever- they had to know about the weres, or their whole tribe could have got turned before they knew what was going on. Then we’d be buggered. So we set off for Goblin Knob. We saw a couple of nasty creatures along the way- a devil digger lair and a mountain lion- but they steered clear of us. Heh, I bet Neb’s pissed off he weren’t with us when we saw that pussy cat.
Anyway, yeah. We crossed over the hills and then we was in Worm Clan land. Didn’t take ‘em long to send some warriors out to meet us. They took us back to the Knob, the others had to disarm then we went in and had a feast with Chief Worm and his shaman. Oh, and you folks who didn’t like an orc coming along with ya? If it weren’t for me being with ‘em, the whole party probably would have been killed before we even got the chance to say well met. As it was, Griff and Oddo wowed ’em with their party tricks, we ate, we drank plenty of beer and wine and Griff and me talked to Worm. The dagger went down well, specially with the warning about the werewolves. That went a long way to convincing him we were friendly. We soon worked out an agreement, and as long as we stay south of the hills and they stay north, we’ll get along just fine. Oh, and when we finally get round to taking out those coyles, the gobs’ll help us with it. You can expect to see goblin envoys here to talk things out more pretty soon. So yeah, we did good, eh? Good enough for another mug of ale, right lads?



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