The taming of the North

First year summary

The struggle for survival

Sir Alex’s journal entry

The initial preparation of the New Providence colony has not gone to plan. Immediately after our arrival, a dragon appeared and demanded all our gold. He left our silver, but this has left us very short of money for supplies. Despite this the the start was quite promising. Our scouts managed to explore ‘the thumb’ and discovered an old ruined temple, which we were able to fix up enough as to make it habitable. They then made peaceful contact with the local goblin tribe. Our first contact with the Coyles was less friendly and has resulted in several deaths.
There seem to also be some werewolves in the area and two of our colony have been infected with the werewolf’s curse.
Further exploration has led to the discovery of an ancient evil temple and the defeat of a scarecrow and his goblin followers. Whilst he is very unpopular, Oddo has proved invaluable to the colony.
Frustration of a different sort has caused trouble for our colony. with over a hundred men and only two women, both of whom are trained killers, it is not surprising that men might turn to other men for company, but the gang rape of Chakalova has shocked many people. His elven beauty has made him the target of an unknown group within the colony. Arnolfini, on a supply run to Southwatch to sell our warhorses in exchange for magical weapons decided to hire some prostitutes, in the hope of preventing a repetition of this appalling act.
To the West is a kobold city, which has been taken over by some form of undead monster. Between here and there is a kobold fort, which had been taken over by a Wolfen renegade. The Wolfen military came in force to drive the renegades out and by allying ourselves with them, we have made our position here a bit more viable.
In an assault on the fort Sir Johan has made himself more popular with the more aggressive soldiers under our command. The spoils which his troops plundered has also caused a schism, as the troops who fought the siege have money now, whilst the others have nothing. Our wizard, managed to kill himself by teleporting into the mountain, which has caused several problems for us. Fortunately the wolfen gold has allowed us to buy enough supplies to get through the winter.
Around the time of the Wolfen campaign lord Futaba disappeared and nobody has any idea where he went.
The winters here are far wetter, colder and harsher than we are used to. A lot of our soldiers have died from disease and other illnesses, as have Vince Kucharski and my good friend Kim Beichik, who died whilst Oddo was searching for some sort of magical cure. If only the Wolfen had allowed us to occupy that fort, they would still be alive.
I’m not sure if this colony really has a future. Most of the land here is claimed by tribes of Goblins or Coyles and we are too few to oppose them.

Alex Osten, knight of Timiro



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