Alex Osten

the silent knight


Human Knight level 4
Male, Age 19
IQ 16, ME 17, MA 4, PS 10, PP 12, PE 10, PB 9, Spd 11.
Disposition: Shy and timid
Alignment: Scrupulous
Hostility: Knights and Paladins


Although clever and determined, Alex is very shy and tends to keep his views to himself. He is fairly idealistic and wants to do all he can to make the colony successful. When he speaks he tends to mumble and mutter, being tongue tied (very low MA) which results in being mocked. He therefore usually remains silent.
He is physically barely up to being a knight and has been looked down on by the other knights that he has trained with or sparred against. As a result he dislikes other knights and feels that there must be some other path to which he is better suited.

Alex Osten

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