Beautiful Elven noble


Elf Noble Level 4
Male, age 26.
IQ 17, ME 11, MA 7, PS 11, PP 14, PE 16, PB 26!, Spd 7.
HP: 27
Disposition: Courteous and hospitable
Personal hostility: Soldiers (and rapists)


A young elf of noble birth. Chakalova’s good looks made him extremely popular, but also sometimes excited envy. He sometimes for longed for a life of excitement and adventure. He was extremely popular with women, including the elven noble whom his brother was betrothed to. When she refused to marry Chakalova’s brother, he suspected that it was because she loved Chakalova. Chakalova did not want his parents to have to endure the heartache of seeing their children turn against each other. He therefore left his home, and the woman he loved, to find a new life far, far away.

On a colony of a hundred men, with only one Dwarven werewolf woman his good looks proved to be a curse. A group of frustrated soldiers, convinced that it was only a matter of time before they all died, that they would never be with a woman again and that their actions no longer mattered, decided to gang rape Chakalova. The experience made him extremely distrustful of soldiers and his fellow colonists.


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