allied soldier


Human Soldier, Level 3.
Male, Age: 25.
IQ 16, ME 11, MA 22, PS 13, PP 10, PE 10, PB 16, Spd 10.
HP 22
Disposition: Easy going, laid back.
Hostility: Nobles

Combat abilities:
Attacks per melee: 2.
Strike: Holy Longsword + 2.
Parry: Holy Longsword + 2, Small Shield + 6.
Damage: Holy Longsword 1D8 + 3.
Plate and chain Ar:15, SDC:100


Geof was the youngest son of a family of serfs. He was forced into military service by the noble ruler of the estate where his family lived. he resents nobles, feeling that nobody deserves to rule others merely due to their birth.
He joined the expedition, in the hope of making a new start. He is very likeable, but in other ways not exceptional.
Geof was sent with the PCs on one of their expeditions. Being the only person of a pure alignment he was the only person able to wield the holy sword which they discovered, which he was allowed to keep.
He likes the PCs, even though he is aware of how morally ambiguous they are.


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