Lief Goodhammer

Dwarf Noble


Dwarf Noble level 5
Male, Age: 63.
IQ 7, ME 11, MA 11, PS 24, PP 9, PE 20, PB 5, Spd 8.
HP 43.
Disposition: Paranoid
Hostility: Orcs & Goblins


Lief Goodhammer is certainly not the brightest of the council, nor the most popular, but he is one of the most outspoken and is without doubt the strongest. His family began as merchants, but earnt enough money to rise to being amongst the rulers of their community. Being raised amongst corrupt, greedy merchants, he has been come to doubt everyone’s motives and believes that everyone else is self serving and greedy. Although having no noble heritage, Lief was raised to be a ruler of men and thinks he would be good at it. He is the eldest son of his family. His father was one of the main financiers of the expedition, investing more than most, in order to secure his sons position. Lief hopes that he will become a ruler of a wealthy, prosperous nation. He is convinced that the alliance with the goblins is a mistake and that they are plotting against the colony. He has also spoken out repeatedly against the trust being placed in Gorek.

Lief was outraged when Gorek was appointed to the council, along with his monstrous troll witch-doctor companion. He has no active role in the new government and has continued to speak out against them, but few people are willing to support his ideas.

Lief Goodhammer

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