Oddo the White

Priest of Light and Darkness


Dwarf Priest Level 5
IQ 12, ME 14, MA 4, PS 7, PP 7, PE 18, PB 9, Spd 5.
HP 31.


Oddo had very little going for him, being weak, clumsy, slow and unpopular. He took to the service of the gods of darkness in the hope of gaining power, but respects the gods of light too. he resents knights, who seem to think themselves so much better than everyone else because they are strong and rich and everything that he wasn’t.
He joined the expedition, because he knew that any priest would be indispensible and would therefore have a highly favoured position.
He is torn between improving his church and its influence and going on adventures, which seems to offer great wealth.

Oddo the White

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