church calendar

I couldn’t find any official Palladium calendar and so I have put this together for myself as the calendar of the church of light and darkness. In a similar way to the old calendar system, the year starts in the spring, rather than in midwinter. The calendar has 12 months, following the passage of the constellations in the Solar cycle. They have been placed alongside our calendar and for simplicity are considered exact equivalents.

Month Palladium Church Calendar

  1. April : Bennu
  2. May : Ammit
  3. June : Apepi
  4. July : Ra
  5. August : Isis
  6. September : Anhur
  7. October : Bes
  8. November : Thoth
  9. December : Set
  10. January : Anubis
  11. February : Bennu
  12. March : Apis

Once every 4 years the month of Apepi is followed by an additional day. The day of Amon.

church calendar

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