Church of Light and Darkness

The Church of Light & Dark is the most powerful church on Palladium. It runs villages, towns, cities, and even some kingdoms. Its main base of operations is located on the island of Lopan in the city of Sekti-Abtu. The pontiff, or head, of the church, U’Selekma is stationed here, as well as most of the high ranking officials. There is also the infamous city of the dead, Çynopolis, located on an island just off the coast of the Western Empire.

The Church believes it has survived millenniums because it is uniquely suited for reality. It contains both the water and the fire, both good and evil. Or, as U’Selekma recently stated, “If there is no room in a good religion for those of small evil, how will they find the prosperous merchants? If there is no room in an evil religion for those of small good, how will they find gallant warriors? And if there is no room in a selfish religion for the generous, then how will they raise money?” U’Selekma has been a very beloved, and successful, pontiff.

Membership is allowed to all, and members are allowed, but not encouraged, to worship other deities. There is a yearly tax equal to 1/30th of income. It is usually paid as a tax on the 1st day of Ra, while the Pantheon of Taut (dark) expect it on the last day of Set, known as the Day of the Dead, or the Day of Anubis. See the Palladium Calendar for conversions from our calendar to that of Palladium.

The holy book is the Book of Ma’at, containing parables, words of the wise elders, and the myths of the gods. It is one of the most common books on the planet.

The significant, worldwide, holidays are given in the Palladium Calendar. Of course, as with all religions, other holidays and celebrations, local in nature, are too common to list.

There are sub-sects of the Church, but because every one has a temple in Sekti-Abtu, the Church has not splintered. The most important sects are the Pantheon of Ra (light), the Pantheon of Taut(dark), The Cult of the Great One (Osiris), and The Cult of Set. Recently there has been a new sect, The Church of Enlightenment, which believes that Thoth is an Old One. The important gods are given below.

Pantheon of Ra, God of Light
Ra, Lord of Light
Thoth, Lord of Wisdom
Isis, the All Mother (female)
Osiris, the Lawgiver
Horus, or Harmakhis the Great Sphinx
Bennu, the Phoenix (female)
Apis, the Sacred Cow (female)

Pantheon of Taut
Set, Lord of Darkness
Anubis, Lord of the Dead
Apepi the Immortal (dragon god)
Amon the Hidden One (female)
Anhur, the Slayer of Enemies
Ammit, the Beast (beast god)
Bes, the Depraved (dwarf god)

Major Bishops

Bishop Rose Nodeki, Eastern Territory, follows Horus
Bishop Tutu, Timiro Kingdom, follows Isis

Church of Light and Darkness

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