council of twelve

The initial council members were as follows:

Captain Swan: captain of the first ship, “The Black Swan”.

Diego Arnolfini: experienced knight. Tough and self reliant, but with a strong moral code and protective of others. No exceptional strengths or weaknesses. Quickly became one of the central members of the council.

Chakalova: Elven noble. Intelligent, courteous and extremely handsome.

Oddo the White: Priest of Light and Darkness. Grumpy but very hard working, has an annoying accent and is very irritating.

Sven Sorrenson: Young, charismatic and very likeable Dwarven Paladin.

Futaba: Human noble from the land of the south winds. Very charismatic. Disappeared without trace.

Lief Goodhammer: Dwarven noble. Extremely strong. Distrusts the other councilmen.

Kim Beichik: Human nobleman. Shy ant timid, but extremely driven, focussed and determined. Died of illness over the first winter.

Vince Kucharski: Human noble. Weak, lazy, mean, petty, vengeful and unpopular. Died from illness during the first winter.

Johan Suluk: Human knight. Arrogant and ambitious. Willing to take risks. Increasingly popular with the more aggressive elements of the colony.

James McKenna: Human knight. Good fighter, but prone to complaining. Died fighting Rhaznor.

Alex Osten: Human knight. Intelligent and honorable, but shy and lacking in confidence. Generally ignored by the others.

The wizard Grif was appointed as special adviser to the council, taking Swan’s place in his absence.

council of twelve

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