Lifestyle costs

Lifestyle Cost

Self sufficient : 0 but requires skills
Character lives off the land. Must have 3 out of Trap/skin small animals, trap/skin small animals, dowsing, recognise plants/fruit, fishing, Cook at 60% +
Characters with any 4 skills at 60% + may support lvl people (or lvl +1 for rangers, +1 if 5 skills, +2 if 6 skills)
Time for trapping/foraging etc takes approx 4 hours a day. Free time for the character is effectively reduced by 1 week each month. Person eats as well as a person of comfortable lifestyle, but lives in a tent or self made shelter.

Subsistence : 15 a month excluding rent
30 a month including rent
Character barely eats enough to survive. Sleeps in a barn, or shares the floor of a common room with many people. Character is frequently ill. PE is halved until they get a month at moderate lifestyle.

Humble : 30 a month excluding rent
60 a month including rent
Typical serf lifestyle, or soldier on campaign. Plan, cheap food. No frills. Shares a room with several other people. May have own bed.

Moderate : 60 a month excluding rent
120 a month including rent
Typical commoner lifestyle. Small room. Simple meals. Occasional luxuries on special occasions.

Comfortable: 150 a month excluding rent
300 a month including rent
Merchant lifestyle, also paid for staying in a basic Inn. Good meals, with plenty of variety. Comfortable clean room for yourself. Bedding without lice. Access to a sink and tin-bath.

Luxury : 500 a month excluding rent
1000 a month including rent
Large meals with plenty of meat and fine wines. Accommodation with specific function rooms. Reading rooms, bathrooms, games room, study etc. Waited on by paid dedicated staff.

Opulent : 5000 + per month
You live in extravagant luxury throwing feasts most nights, having only the finest foods, entertainment, accommodation, courtesans and anything else a person might want. This is the lifestyle of kings and princes. Accommodation prices are not included as people in this lifestyle are usually at a rank where they would never need to pay anyone rent.

Lifestyle costs

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