New Providence

The colony which the PCs are involved in establishing. Their charter grants them territory 20 miles either side of ‘the thumb’ and 100 miles to the south.

Due to mermaid trouble, the main community was established on Swan’s Isle, although a small garrison remains based in the ruined temple of Algor which has been rededicated to the gods of Light and Darkness.

Population: approximately 500
92% human, 5% Dwarf 1% Elf, 1% Goblin, 1% Other.
Ruler: Governor Henry Swan
Capital city: Swan’s Isle
Religion: Church of Light and Darkness

Much of the area granted by the charted is only partly explored, but it contains a number of places of interest.
Wyrm’s Nobb
The sacred Lake
Nargash Tor
Hidden temple of Amon
The burning sands
Waterfall country
The dragon lands
Over time a number of rumors have been heard about the surrounding areas.

New Providence

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