Land! A new kingdom can be yours.

During a recent expedition into uncharted regions of the Eastern Territory a group of adventurers found an ancient ruin, containing priceless magical treasures. They were forced to flee with only a tiny fraction of it explored, but were determined to return. In order to give themselves a base of operations from which to conduct their exploration they decided to finance the creation of a colony.

A group of ambitious younger sons of nobles were persuaded to lead the expedition, and to take a share in financing it. They set out with a hundred mercenaries in order to establish a foothold for themselves in the north, in preparation for the next wave of colonists. Amongst them are a group of aspiring adventurers, who have been hired to explore and chart the area in which the colony has been planned.

New Providence.

The initial expedition to secure territory for development met with limited success and most of the expedition died, either in battle, or from the harsh winter. However now a new wave of colonists have arrived. Farmers, craftsmen and families. Now perhaps New Providence can become a true independent community; if they can survive.

The taming of the North