troll rider


Goblin Thief Level 4
Male, Age 29.

IQ 5, ME 11, MA 11, PS 11, PP 16, PE 9, PB 6, Spd 13.
HP 30.
Disposition: Friendly, talkative.
Personal hostility: The supernatural

Combat abilities:
Attacks per melee: 2.
Strike: Spear + 4.
Parry: Spear + 6.
Damage: Spear 1D8 + 3.
Critical strike from behind.
Leather armour Ar:10, SDC:19.
He is armed with a kobold made spear, which had previously belonged to the scarecrow witch.


A goblin thief and the only member of the Crow clan to remain loyal to the PCs.

Blint was not very big, strong or clever and so it was only natural that he would learn to be sneaky. He was naturally friendly and sociable, liking to stick close to the biggest and strongest, in order to avoid being beaten up. He sometimes found himself manipulated into doing stupid or dangerous things.

When Gorek Bloodaxe and his companions stormed to ruined temple that was home to many of the Crow clan they captured over a dozen goblins and through force of personality compelled them to join as Bloodfang’s followers. Blint, being a bit dim an not exceptional was regarded as one of the least skilled goblins, and was made to try to move a statuette which was protected by a ward of blindness. He was struck blind. Transporting it, the ward was repeatedly triggered and it was thought that Blint would be blind forever.
When Gorek met the troll shaman, Molog Blah they had a lot of trouble communicating, as they shared no common languages. As Blint had learnt a few phrases of Giant, he was made into her translator. He would sit on her shoulders and try to translate everything that was said to or by her.
Molog was able to lift Blint’s blindness, for which he was extremely grateful. They later fought against the scarecrow which had been controlling their clan, killing it. The other goblins took the opportunity to seize their freedom, but Blint decided to remain with the heroes, who he regarded as friends. He has since proved himself to be a skilled and loyal friend. He usually rides on Molog Blah and has become quite proficient at fighting from troll back.


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