Gorek Bloodaxe

Orc mercenary/gladiator


Male, age 36.
IQ 8, ME 9, MA 16, PS 16, PP 12, PE 16, PB 7, Spd 11.
HP 31

Alignment: Aberrant


An Orc who was enslaved at a young age and trained to fight as a gladiator. He was once extremely skilled but age and various accumulated injuries have slowed down his movements and restricted his abilities enough to deny him the full gladiator’s range of combat abilities. Most of these injuries occurred during the arena fight in which he won his freedom, defeating his foe but almost dying in the process. After a lengthy recovery he found he was no longer agile enough to fight in the arena, so became a mercenary. Bloodaxe has learnt to compensate for his injuries with a more direct fighting style and is one of the colony’s better fighters, though his ultimate goal is to settle down, retire and maybe start a gladiatorial stable of his own. Despite its dangers and hardships, the respect and comparative lack of racism he’s experienced from the colonists made him decide to stay in the colony after his contract expires.

He recently had his old injuries restored by a restoration spell and is as agile as he once had been.

Gorek Bloodaxe

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