Diego Arnolfini

Veteran Knight


Human Knight level 5
Male, Age 37.
IQ 12, ME 7, MA 12, PS 13, PP 12, PE 14, PB 10, Spd 14.
HP: 37
Disposition: Tough, self reliant.
Alignment: Principled
Hostility: Wolfen.

Combat abilities:
Attacks per melee: 3.
Strike: Longsword + 4.
Parry: Longsword + 7, Shield + 8.
Damage: Longsword 1D8 + 9.
Plate armour Ar:17, SDC:160


The first son of a wealthy priestess of Isis, who used her money to pay for Diego to be trained as a knight. When on campaign he related easily with the common soldiers and soon won their respect. Because he lacked noble birth Diego has rarely been given much opportunity to gain advancement. The colony seemed to offer the opportunity to have a fresh start, free from the snobbish superiority of the more established aristocratic families.

Diego Arnolfini

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