Johan Suluk

Arrogant Knight


Human Knight Level 3
Male, Age 29.
IQ 12, ME 9, MA 10, PS 16, PP 12, PE 16, PB 9, Spd 10.
HP 31.
Disposition: Arrogant, superior.
Personal hostility: Non-human races.

Combat abilities:
Attacks per melee: 2.
Strike: Longsword + 4.
Parry: Longsword + 4, Shield + 3.
Damage: Longsword 1D8 + 10.
Full Plate Ar:17, SDC:160


Sir Johan is a man with ambition. He sees himself as the best person to rule the fledgling nation. He is also a man of action, preferring direct confrontation to manipulation and politics. He lacks charisma, but is a skilled, competent fighter. His action against Rhaznor’s stronghold has made him popular with the more aggressive fighters amongst the colonists.

In 1786, when Captain Swan took over the government, Johan led a dozen supporters south, in order to form their own separate settlement, refusing to accept Swan’s authority.

Johan Suluk

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