Mollie Bey

Dwarven publican and retired soldier


Dwarven peasant lvl 2, Soldier lvl 7.
Female age 78
IQ 12, ME 11, MA 6, PS 20, PP 18, PE 15, PB 9, Spd 7.
HP 43.
A muscular dwarven cook, currently afflicted with the curse of lycanthropy.
Disposition: Friendly, talkative
Hostility: Thieves

Combat abilities:
Attacks per melee: 3.
Strike: Throwing Axe/Knife + 7. (paired weapons)
Parry: Throwing Axe/Knife + 9.
Throw: Throwing Axe/Knife + 6.
Damage: Throwing Axe/Knife 1D6 + 12.
Critical on 18-20.
Cloak of armour Ar:14, SDC:250


Aya never really wanted to be a soldier, but it was the only thing she knew. She was a barracks brat. The illegitimate child of one of the whores who acted as camp followers to the Timiro army. She learnt to fight from an early age, partly because her status tended to get her into fights with people who insulted her parentage, but mostly because the alternative was following her mother into being a whore. She was orphaned at the age of 12 but was adopted by a few of the mercenaries who had been intimate with her mother.

Her goal was to get enough money to buy a plot of land, start a farm and have a normal life. When she met captain Ryorik Bey. Ryorik was captain of one of the dwarven garrisons guarding the tunnels under the Old kingdom mountains against goblin raids. He was a very down to earth person when dreamt of retiring and running a pub. The two of them became romantically involved and began making plans for their future together.

Ryorik died in a goblin raid, which Mollie repelled. Taking up Ryorik’s magic axe, corporal Aya then took command of his troops and led them on a brutal campaign against the goblins that had attacked them. The campaign soon extended as Aya’s vicious hit strikes against goblins and orcs earned her promotion the name Captain Blood Axe. Her brutal vendetta against the goblin tribes drove them far from the border, but she pressed on, raiding the home caves of one of the Orc clans. Her troops slaughtered the entire tribe, including the women and children.

After the slaughter Aya realised she might have gone too far, but it was too late. The slaughter of children is an unforgivably terrible crime in the eyes of Orcs. Three other Orc tribes swore to avenger their deaths by killing Mollie. There were several attacks against her fort and devils were summoned by witches and shaman to hunt her down. One of those devils, rather than attacking, told her that it would much rather aid her, because someone who could commit such a brutal act and cause so much hatred, heartache and suffering deserved to live. It was after this that Aya realised just how much her bloodfeud had led her to do. Rather than remain in the army and allow the fighting to escalate she resigned.

Aya wanted to find a normal life for herself, however the Orc tribes had placed a large bounty on her head. She found herself hunted by assassins and opportunistic killers. The only hope was to get far away, where she was not known. Under a fake name, using her childhood nickname Mollie signed up to an expedition sent to the contested lands.

The fact that she was not just a cook was revealed when a werewolf appeared in the settlement and she was forced to use her magic axe to slay it, during which fight she contracted lycanthropy. As the Orc mercenary had the same name as she had once been known by, Mollie thought that it would be fitting as a way of breaking with the past and making an act of appeasement to give the magic axe of Aya Bloodaxe to the Orc who now bore that name.

Mollie Bey

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