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Kingdom building rules.

In the 1785th year of the Timiro calendar an expedition began to establish a colony in the disputed lands of the Eastern Kingdoms. The colony was initially governed by a council of twelve who had financed much of the expedition, in return for an equal share of all the charter lands. The official religion of the colony is the Church of Light and Darkness and the calendar they use is the church calendar.

The record of events to date, mostly from the tales of Bloodaxe, can be found here in order:

Year One

Year 2
Early in the year 1786 the ruling council underwent significant changes. Captain Swan took for himself the role of Governor General and appointed people to specific roles within the council. One member who had previously been seen as and unsupportive and disruptive element within the council was denied any position on the new government, but would still receive money from his share of the colonial revenues. Another left to establish his own community.
In exchange for their selling the rune sword and using it to fund the colony, Rubion Loxala, Molog Blah Oddo the White and Gorek Bloodaxe were granted the shared previously owned by the dead councilors. Grif, although not receiving a share in the colony, was resurrected and returned to the position of state magician. The age of the new colonial government began on the second week of Bennu, as they started building a kingdom.

The Eastern Territory

Over time a number of rumors have been heard about the surrounding areas.

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